Awe and wonderment at Cleveland Bridge

Ok ok… To anyone familiar with the crossing point taking the busy A36 over the River Avon in the centre of Bath, this may sound like some kind of sick joke! I myself have been stuck in traffic queues over this bridge on more occasions than I care to remember, with only the Georgian architecture of it’s four Greek temple-like lodges to distract my mind from the queue ahead of me.

However it was only recently that I found out about the creative activities of ceramic artist Peter Hayes at his studio within one of these four lodges.

Birmingham born Peter’s fascinating work draws-in cultural influences from all over the world as a result of his extensive travel and research onto styles of pottery from Africa, India, Japan and Nepal, and many other countries. Although his works are modern-day, they could quite easily pass for cultural artefacts, thousands of years old.

Peter also effectively exploits his physical surroundings to create his work, be it local clay sourced from the banks of a local canal or the River Avon itself in which some of his work is immersed over a period of time to give it a distinctive patina.

Here is a lovely short film by the Blackmore Gallery featuring Peter, his work and inspirations on YouTube.

The River Avon at Cleveland Bridge, Bath

So, next time I am stuck in traffic on Cleveland Bridge, I will be comforted by the fact that at least one person on the bridge is making good use of his time creating in his studio!